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Our experts at NYC Mold Removal are extremely knowledgeable in mold inspection mold testing, mold removal, and mold remediation, treating each property on an individual basis, always providing you with a clean and healthy environment.

We pride ourselves on helping thousands of families overcome their mold situations for over a decade. Our certified mold technicians provide peace of mind with their thorough mold inspection and mold removal processes.

In fact, we are so confident in our services that we offer our trademark satisfaction guarantee on all projects to effectively rid your property of all mold and water damage contaminants for up to 2 years.

If you are interested in our NYC mold services, please fill out the form below or give us a call -

Our phone lines are open from 9AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday but we provide a 24 Hour emergency service. We will contact you as soon as possible to assist you.

We at New York City Mold Removal have a process for inspecting, identifying and remediating mold.

Our professional and certified mold inspection technicians visit your property for a full home mold inspection. They typically take two mold samples which are sent to our lab for mold testing NYC.- one of the samples is to check if there is mold in the air, and the other mold samples are swabs from thought to be infected areas of mold.

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In addition , we  use infrared cameras to show clearly what is present behind the walls, and moisture readers to determine levels of excess moisture or condensation behind the walls, which will determine the source of the mold growth-such as any moisture interference, water damage, etc.

During the mold inspection process -a baseline comparison is conducted using high tech particle counters in the home as well as outside to determine the amount of negative particles that are in elevated levels compared to the outside of the premises.

New York City Mold Inspection

Within 2-3 business days we receive the lab results and submit them to you, along with a full report from our company detailing the findings of the technicians, such as:

1. If mold is present in the property.

2. The severity of the growth.

3. The treatment process necessary to remove the mold.

4. How to prevent the mold from reoccurring, along with standard and infrared images pertaining to your property.

Mold Removal NYC, NY

The cost for the inspection is $550 and that includes the air testing, swab sampling, infrared technology, moisture readings, a detailed report clarifying the type of mold present, if it is toxic or non-toxic, how severe the growth is, how fast it is growing as well as the health symptoms relating to this form of mold. If the mold growth has escalated to another floor, additional tests are required at a cost of $100/test. If mold removal is necessary, the $550 gets applied towards the fee of the mold removal.

NYC Mold Removal Service Guarantee:
We will guarantee that upon completion of any NYC mold removal mold remediation services performed, levels of fungi and/or mold growth will be removed from affected areas. In addition we guarantee that no new mold will reappear in the treated areas for up to 2 years from the date of remediation. Should there be a problem for any reason whatsoever, we will send a mold technician to the property to address the issue accordingly. All guarantees are in effect once all pertinent fees are paid in full by the client. 

What is Mold?

Mold is a form of bacteria, better known as a fungus, which appears in areas of a home that have been exposed to water or excess moisture. In order for mold to develop, it requires a combination of moisture, warmth, and organic matter to feed on. Over a thousand variations of molds and fungus, both toxic and non toxic can thrive in a home and destroy the structure and possibly cause serious health issues. Most times mold spores enter the home through constant traffic through the home or objects carried in contaminated with mold spores.


Common molds found in the home include:

  • Alternaria
  • Amerospores
  • Ascospores
  • Aspergillus/Penicillium
  • Aurobasidium
  • Chaetomium
  • Cladosporidium
  • Fusarium
  • Memnoniella
  • Pithomyces/Ulocladium
  • Stachybotrys

What are some common mold NYC warning signs?

  • Sewer Backup
  • Basement Flood
  • Foundation Seepage
  • Pipe Leaks
  • Over-flown Tools
  • Dysfunctional Vents
  • Discoloration of Sheetrock Walls
  • Severe Unordinary Odors

What are some common misconceptions about mold?
Some people believe that they can take shortcuts when it comes to mold removal. Many have tried to scrape off the mold, paint over it, and/or cover the area with sheetrock. These "methods" of mold removal are false can could possibly lead to a more advanced infestation of mold. To be sure that you have completely removed all mold from your property you need a through inspection and proper remediation proceedures. Also, mostimes mold will not be visible where it is growing. Mold can grow behind walls for a long period of time before appearing in the infected area, though the smell will still linger. 

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